My name is Vlad and I love making videos.

Currently, I operate in Leeds (West Yorkshire, UK) where I graduated from the Northern Film School of Leeds Beckett University with a degree in BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production in 2014.

My filmmaking journey began during my mid-teenage years (2008) when I got my first video camera and began making entertaining videos for my parents and friends.

I’ve always been fascinated about cameras and how they work. Every camera and lens reads colours differently and portrays life in a unique way, and I think it’s magically exciting to be able to capture emotions on video to tell a story later on.


I make promotional videos to help businesses grow, increase sales and generate publicity.

I create beautiful video memories of weddings and special occasions worth remembering.

I make sports & fitness videos to showcase talents and athletic performance.

I make short documentaries to tell incredible stories about ordinary people.

Last but not least, my eyes and my camera work in tandem to capture life from a uniquely unseen perspective that informs, excites and inspires.


I film using a compact lightweight 4K video camera with two lenses (Panasonic GH4 with Lumix 20mm and Lumix 42.5mm) and I work mainly with natural lighting to preserve authenticity but have artificial lights if necessary. Therefore, I’d never case an obstruction during an event because of the small size of my equipment.

Surprisingly, although I’m 6′ 2″ tall and of quiet nature, people always forget about my presence during a shoot. This allows me to capture genuine emotions.

I like to keep things as natural so I avoid posing people or re-enacting events unless the project requires. Also, I have a tripod but prefer to shoot handheld for authenticity.

To prevent camera shake when filming fast-moving objects, I may use a stabilizer which is 60cm high and 20cm wide.

I edit from the comfort of my home using a PC with popular industry-standard software called Adobe Premiere Pro. Sometimes, I create motion graphics and text using Adobe After Effects.


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