A Classical Pianist’s Story – Emmanuel Vass

North England-based classical pianist Emmanuel Vass talks about his experience of playing the piano.

Sponsored by Accent Clothing ( and filmed by Vlad Dimov ( in Leeds at The Conservatory, Trinity Shopping Centre and Leeds Train Station during the Me & My Piano project.


Bamboo T-shirts by Tomoto Ethical Clothing

Tomoto is an ethical clothing brand promoting sustainability by selling bamboo T-shirts with meaningful illustrations printed onto them.

I’ve had the exciting opportunity to create this documentary-style promotional video for young Leeds-based entrepreneur Tom Chadwick whose fashion brand is already making a positive difference all over the world.

Sponsored by Accent Clothing Leeds –

Tomoto brand website –

“Memories Of Thailand (Beat Doctor’s ‘stuck in Britain’ remix)” by Risey

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Reflection of an Artist

Reflection of an Artist is a glimpse into the work of Shirley Ross – a seventy-year-old woman whose passion for tapestry art has long ago become the driving force of her life. We meet the artist’s unique personality in a cozy workshop where the particularities of her craft get revealed. Inspired by reflections and mesmerized by color, Shirley abandons her initial desire to be a painter in order to become an artist who embodies beauty into fabrics, and eventually receives genuine recognition for it. In the end, Shirley reminds us of the importance of art in today’s modern times.

Camera Operators: Daniel Berens, Vladislav Dimov
Editors: Daniel Berens, Vladislav Dimov