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Haus Properties Leeds Letting Agent Online Ad

Haus Properties Leeds are a successful small lettings agent in West Yorkshire.

Animation and typography design by Vlad Dimov –

Graphics design by Beth Heath –

As seen on Haus Properties Leeds YouTube channel



Motion Graphics Design for Deuce & Charger’s Lyrics Music Video

The Making of “We Can Beat The Night” lyrics music video for Deuce & Charger

Deuce & Charger Lyrics Music Video Motion Graphics Design
Deuce & Charger – We Can Beat The Night (Cover Image)

I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work on a lyrics music video for Deuce & Charger who released their single We Can Beat The Night on 4th December 2015.

Deuce & Charger Lyrics Music Video Motion Graphics Design
Deuce & Charger – We Can Beat The Night (Cover Image)

Deuce & Charger are a London-based drum & base, breaks and grime music producers that met in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Deuce & Charger Logo Animation Lyrics Video
Deuce & Charger (Logo Animation)

The idea behind the lyrics music video is the constant battle between day and night, and the desire of people to stay out and enjoy life through dance and party.

I saw a lot of potential for animations in the single’s cover.

Deuce & Charger Cover Lyrics Music Video

My main intention was to depict the transition between day and night and vice versa as a conflict because the music and the fun stop when the sun rises and people have to go home. I created that transition drawing on the parallax effect featured in most contemporary website designs.

Lyrics Music Video Motion Graphics Design

My intentions behind the lyrics, written in Deuce & Charger’s cool grungy font, were to show them in a clear visible way that accentuates the actual lyrics in the track, and also create a bit of hierarchy as the song goes from verses to bridge and then to chorus.

Deuce & Charger Lyrics Music Video Motion Graphics Design

Lyrics Music Video Motion Graphics Design

As a whole, I wanted to create a repeating cycle of day-to-night transitions that build up creating expectations in listeners as the tune goes on.

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Motion Graphics Design by



Motion Graphics Advert for

Cool simple-looking motion graphics advert promoting the fresh and talented Keyframes Motion Design agency based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Keyframes Motion Design specialize in 2D motion graphics production, logo animations, moving infographics, video explainers and more.

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This video has been created by motion graphics designer Vlad Dimov –


The Web of Life using Trapcode Mir

The web of life visualization created via Trapcode Mir inside After Effects.

A plexus-resembling web achieved by changing the Draw option in Shader submenu to Wireframe.

“All things are connected
like the blood that unites us.
We did not weave the web of life,
We are merely a strand in it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.”
– Chief Seattle

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Typography Riddle Design about Deadly Marine Animal

Can you guess the answer to this typographic video riddle before it ends?

The Irukandji jellyfish, fish for fish using deadly extendable arms that are covered in venomous stinging cells. As it swims along, this tiny jelly extends its tentacles and twitches them much like a fisher or fly-fisher would to attract prey in the water. The balls of venomous stinging cells (nematocysts) act like a lure and attract fish. When contact is made with the tentacles the venomous harpoons are fired into the prey which paralyses them.

Typography & Motion Graphics Design by Vlad Dimov –

This animation was used in the following video by The Nature of Science: