Professional Diver Training & Pool Diving. Yona Knight-Wisdom.

A diver unlike anyone else, he’s 190 cm tall, 90 kg heavy, black. Born in Leeds, but competes for Jamaica.

He is Jamaica’s first diver to qualify for the Olympics, as well as the first male diver from any Caribbean nation.


Sarah & Paul’s Wedding Film

Sarah & Paul’s beautiful and emotional wedding in Shipley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.


Tiffany SXE FIT Pole Dancing & Artistic Performance

Yorkshire-based pole dancer Tiffany Sxefit, founder of Sxe Fit Studios, offers a glimpse into her amazing skills.

Additional work for Sxe Fit Studios:

SXEFIT Pole & Dance Classes

SXE FIT Elite Pole Fitness & Dance Studio


Form Crossfit Gym Workouts

Four montage-type promotional videos of the CrossFit competition that took place in Form Leeds gym.

It was a long day of continuous filming during which I managed to stay focused and energetic.

Although I remained discreet and unobtrusive towards all contestant, I did manage to capture some great closely-encountered emotions.

Form Leeds CrossFit Gym website –


The Stray Cat Living With Grandma

When my granddad passed away, I stray cat found its way to my grandmother’s living room through the terrace on the second floor.

The cat loves lounging on a fluffy quilt nearby the window and bathing in the sunlight coming through.

It looks like a peaceful and contented animal. Except for when it wanted to sharpen its nails by scratching on the wallpapers of my grandma’s newly decorated living room as well as ruining my little brother’s sport shoes.

It took me some time to win the cat’s trust and eventually I was able to get really close and capture its beauty in detail.

Watch in 4K


Accent Clothing Denim Look Book 2016

A behind-the-scenes fashion video I edited for independent Leeds retailer Accent Clothing.

I was involved in this project solely as editor.

The original footage I had to work with was slightly shaky and out-of-focus at times so I decided to compensate with fast paced editing, nice music and funky colour grading.

I really like how this video turned out. It’s good proof of the power of editing and that nearly any sort of footage will make the cut.


A Classical Pianist’s Story – Emmanuel Vass

North England-based classical pianist Emmanuel Vass talks about his experience of playing the piano.

Sponsored by Accent Clothing ( and filmed by Vlad Dimov ( in Leeds at The Conservatory, Trinity Shopping Centre and Leeds Train Station during the Me & My Piano project.


Vintage Fashion Shoot at Bradford Industrial Museum

Vintage fashion shoot at Bradford Industrial Museum.

Designed by Sajeda Degha, Maria Hashmi, Debbie Bosco, Bryony Goddard and Anissa Oakley from Batley School of Art.

Models: Rob James Seymour, Hannah Brown, Loula Belle, Caitlin Jade and Blaise Parchment.

Makeup Artists: Gemma Thompson, Frankie Hancox and Hollie Thompson.

Filmed and edited by Leeds videographer Vlad Dimov –


Leeds Sunny Bank Mills Fashion Shoot

Filmed in 4K at the inspirational place of Sunny Bank Mills in Leeds (West Yorkshire), this colourful fashion video promotes the designer work of Anissa Oakley, Maria Hashmi, Sajeda Degha, Bryony Goddard and Debbie Bosco from Batley School of Art.

Music by Broke For Free –


Leeds Oakwell Hall Wedding Film

Emotive wedding film of Helen and Dave’s wedding at Oakwell Hall in Birstall Leeds, West Yorkshire.


Motion Graphics Design for Deuce & Charger’s Lyrics Music Video

The Making of “We Can Beat The Night” lyrics music video for Deuce & Charger

Deuce & Charger Lyrics Music Video Motion Graphics Design
Deuce & Charger – We Can Beat The Night (Cover Image)

I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work on a lyrics music video for Deuce & Charger who released their single We Can Beat The Night on 4th December 2015.

Deuce & Charger Lyrics Music Video Motion Graphics Design
Deuce & Charger – We Can Beat The Night (Cover Image)

Deuce & Charger are a London-based drum & base, breaks and grime music producers that met in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Deuce & Charger Logo Animation Lyrics Video
Deuce & Charger (Logo Animation)

The idea behind the lyrics music video is the constant battle between day and night, and the desire of people to stay out and enjoy life through dance and party.

I saw a lot of potential for animations in the single’s cover.

Deuce & Charger Cover Lyrics Music Video

My main intention was to depict the transition between day and night and vice versa as a conflict because the music and the fun stop when the sun rises and people have to go home. I created that transition drawing on the parallax effect featured in most contemporary website designs.

Lyrics Music Video Motion Graphics Design

My intentions behind the lyrics, written in Deuce & Charger’s cool grungy font, were to show them in a clear visible way that accentuates the actual lyrics in the track, and also create a bit of hierarchy as the song goes from verses to bridge and then to chorus.

Deuce & Charger Lyrics Music Video Motion Graphics Design

Lyrics Music Video Motion Graphics Design

As a whole, I wanted to create a repeating cycle of day-to-night transitions that build up creating expectations in listeners as the tune goes on.

Music by

Motion Graphics Design by



Bianca Gerald at Mobo Awards 2015

A cinematic glimpse into Bianca Gerald’s preparation for the Mobo Awards 2015 which took place at First Direct Arena in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Sponsored by independent designer store Accent Clothing, Bianca Gerald wears a long dress by Kevan Jon, Ravel heels and a Swarovski crystal bag provided by Eleda Designer Hats.

Bianca Gerald Vlad Dimov Production
a VLAD DIMOV cinematic video production

Background music from Bianca Gerald’s new Butterfly EP –…


Using Shaky Footage in Video Production – Leeds at Night in 4K

I went to Leeds city centre on Halloween night to experiment filming with my basic glidecam stabilizer and Panasonic GH4 4K camera.

I mainly took shots of buildings, cars on the roads and general views from the top level on the bus.

Upon reviewing the 4K footage a few days later, I noticed a lot of my takes were shaky and not levelled.

Queens Hotel Leeds Train Station Bus Night GH4 4K Panasonic
The Queens Hotel at Leeds Train Station

I wanted to delete all the video material and move onto another project but instead, I realized this was a great opportunity for me to challenge my video editing skills. You’ve probably heard that in order to become better, one must try to turn their weaknesses into strengths, so I decided to embrace my mistakes and attempt to integrate the shaky footage into this cool characteristic video about my city:

Filmed on Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K-resolution camera with Samyang 12mm F/2.0.


Shaky footage is always usable. It may not be as versatile and acceptable as stable footage from a levelled tripod but shaky footage can still be part of your production provided you are willing to alter the style of your video.

Shaky, handheld and even jerky shots bring completely different emotions to the screen than stable smooth shots do. Handheld filming is heavily used in music videos and can, for example, create a feeling of freedom and easiness to the events on screen. Depending on the intensity of their shakiness, jerky handheld shots can also express excitement or fear.

In my case the jerky shots add a bit of chaos and disorder to the video which I really began to enjoy as the edit progressed.

Use music that unifies your shaky footage. Find a track that can make your clips dance in unity. Analyse the selected song and distribute your footage in such a way that the shakiness just fits the rhythm. I chose Need You by WHTKD.

Consider time remapping shaky footage. Depending on the rhythm of the music and the message you wish to convey, you may also consider slowing down or speeding up a shaky clip.

VD Vlad Dimov Cinematic Video Production
Vlad Dimov Cinematic Video Production

Flying Over Yorkshire with 4K Panasonic GH4

Creative highlights video of the day I went flying over Yorkshire to Breighton Airfield on a small two-seated aircraft piloted by my friend Mike.

Filmed all handheld in 4K resolution at 25fps using Panasonic Lumix GH4 with Samyang 12mm and Lumix 42.5mm lenses. It was tricky changing memory cards and lenses whilst airborne because I feared a sudden period of turbulence could make me drop things to an inaccessible place on the floor of the tiny cockpit. Not to mention I had to bear the long cable of the headset around my arms occasionally disrupting my filming, and at the same time I had to hold my camera bag on my lap because there were pedals moving at my feet that mustn’t be blocked. Luckily, it was a sunny day and the plane glided smoothly through the air.

In post production, it was great fun arranging the shots I took into a cohesive story but the challenging part came when I began colour correcting and colour grading the aerial footage. The Lumetri Scopes in Premiere CC failed to display colour balance accurately. I think this is due to sunlight being reflected into the camera from the cockpit glass. The original footage, shot on Cinelike D flat picture profile, appeared quite desaturated and hazy as well. Eventually, I managed to create the colourful look you can see on the film below:

Music: Hokori by Yusuke Tsutsumi –

Filmed and edited by Vlad Dimov –


Great Yorkshire Pianist Emmanuel Vass in 4K

My first 4K-resolution YouTube-published video introducing Accent Clothing’s sponsorship to one of the most talented piano artists in Yorkshire, Emmanuel Vass (

I had the amazing opportunity to film Manny play the piano in preparation for his performance in Leeds Trinity Church before any guests had arrived. The purple-tinged lighting was very nice, I excitingly took advantage of it and eventually produced some pleasant-looking shots of the artist and his performance.

Manny Vass is described as ‘one of the most charismatic talents on the contemporary scene’ by the Mail on Sunday, and ‘the new classic’ by Attitude magazine, and his Sonic Waves reached #1 in the specialist classical charts, and has spent a month within the top 10.

Sponsored by Leeds independent retailer Accent Clothing –

Filmed and edited by Leeds videographer Vlad Dimov –


SXEFIT Pole & Dance Classes

My latest promotional video for Sxefit Studios in Yorkshire, probably one of the best pole dancing facilities in the region, and offering amazing dance & fitness classes designed to make any woman fitter, happier and sexier!

Sxe Fit Studios offer great opportunities for developing children’s fitness and dance abilities too, such as the Mini Gymnastics and Mini Pole class.

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Please view the entire promotional video for Sxe Fit Studios below:

Filmed and edited by Yorkshire sports and fitness videographer Vlad Dimov, based in Leeds. For more information on video production and available services, please visit


Fitness Girl Street Exercise

This sports & fitness video promotes outdoor exercise. It’s another one of my self-initiated videos featuring a female sports lady that performs bodyweight exercises on a quiet street in the neighbourhood. To add dynamics and engage viewers on social media, I paced the editing cuts to the music and created the snappy motion graphics and text that basically means any street can serve as a gym and allow you to exercise and have fun for free (street = gym = exercise = free fun). After all, most body weight exercise you do in the gym can be done on any flat surface, especially outdoors at any time and at no cost.

Filmed and edited by Leeds and Yorkshire sports & fitness videographer Vlad Dimov –

Music: Passion Overdose by Grimm Limbo