Accent Clothing Denim Look Book 2016

A behind-the-scenes fashion video I edited for independent Leeds retailer Accent Clothing.

I was involved in this project solely as editor.

The original footage I had to work with was slightly shaky and out-of-focus at times so I decided to compensate with fast paced editing, nice music and funky colour grading.

I really like how this video turned out. It’s good proof of the power of editing and that nearly any sort of footage will make the cut.


Vintage Fashion Shoot at Bradford Industrial Museum

Vintage fashion shoot at Bradford Industrial Museum.

Designed by Sajeda Degha, Maria Hashmi, Debbie Bosco, Bryony Goddard and Anissa Oakley from Batley School of Art.

Models: Rob James Seymour, Hannah Brown, Loula Belle, Caitlin Jade and Blaise Parchment.

Makeup Artists: Gemma Thompson, Frankie Hancox and Hollie Thompson.

Filmed and edited by Leeds videographer Vlad Dimov –


Leeds Sunny Bank Mills Fashion Shoot

Filmed in 4K at the inspirational place of Sunny Bank Mills in Leeds (West Yorkshire), this colourful fashion video promotes the designer work of Anissa Oakley, Maria Hashmi, Sajeda Degha, Bryony Goddard and Debbie Bosco from Batley School of Art.

Music by Broke For Free –


Bamboo T-shirts by Tomoto Ethical Clothing

Tomoto is an ethical clothing brand promoting sustainability by selling bamboo T-shirts with meaningful illustrations printed onto them.

I’ve had the exciting opportunity to create this documentary-style promotional video for young Leeds-based entrepreneur Tom Chadwick whose fashion brand is already making a positive difference all over the world.

Sponsored by Accent Clothing Leeds –

Tomoto brand website –

“Memories Of Thailand (Beat Doctor’s ‘stuck in Britain’ remix)” by Risey

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Fashion Show in Support of Candlelighters

In support of Candlelighters, the children’s cancer support charity, Cocoture held a charity fashion show that took place at 2 Albion Place in Leeds LS1 6JL (Above Renaissance Hair) on Thursday 9th July, 2015.

Cocoture Photography, an Award winning Leeds portrait & boudoir photographers hosted the event. Offering a bespoke service with hair and make-up included, for discerning clients not just in Yorkshire but all over the UK.

They believe everybody deserves to look glamorous and feel fabulous and arranged the event after being inspired by the 14 year old daughter of one of their clients.

The night was a fun filled event with a showcase of different models to display local independent stores & designers across the city.

Accent Clothing worked alongside Cocoture photography.

The event included photography displays and gift vouchers, as well as live music, wine and goodie bags on arrival and much more.

All proceeds went to the Candlelighters Charity.

Candlelighters charity is over 40 years old and was founded by, and is still run by, parents of children who have or have had cancer. The medical staff who treat them understand the trauma and the turmoil of that diagnosis and how the support and care needed may differ from family to family. Accent clothing are a firm believer in supporting local charities and are proud to be a part of the fashion event that is helping fundraising so the charity can continue for another 40 plus years.

Filmed and edited by Yorkshire event videographer Vlad Dimov – for Accent Clothing (

“I’m Chilled (Beat Doctor remix)” by Risey (