The Stray Cat Living With Grandma

When my granddad passed away, I stray cat found its way to my grandmother’s living room through the terrace on the second floor.

The cat loves lounging on a fluffy quilt nearby the window and bathing in the sunlight coming through.

It looks like a peaceful and contented animal. Except for when it wanted to sharpen its nails by scratching on the wallpapers of my grandma’s newly decorated living room as well as ruining my little brother’s sport shoes.

It took me some time to win the cat’s trust and eventually I was able to get really close and capture its beauty in detail.

Watch in 4K


Using Shaky Footage in Video Production – Leeds at Night in 4K

I went to Leeds city centre on Halloween night to experiment filming with my basic glidecam stabilizer and Panasonic GH4 4K camera.

I mainly took shots of buildings, cars on the roads and general views from the top level on the bus.

Upon reviewing the 4K footage a few days later, I noticed a lot of my takes were shaky and not levelled.

Queens Hotel Leeds Train Station Bus Night GH4 4K Panasonic
The Queens Hotel at Leeds Train Station

I wanted to delete all the video material and move onto another project but instead, I realized this was a great opportunity for me to challenge my video editing skills. You’ve probably heard that in order to become better, one must try to turn their weaknesses into strengths, so I decided to embrace my mistakes and attempt to integrate the shaky footage into this cool characteristic video about my city:

Filmed on Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K-resolution camera with Samyang 12mm F/2.0.


Shaky footage is always usable. It may not be as versatile and acceptable as stable footage from a levelled tripod but shaky footage can still be part of your production provided you are willing to alter the style of your video.

Shaky, handheld and even jerky shots bring completely different emotions to the screen than stable smooth shots do. Handheld filming is heavily used in music videos and can, for example, create a feeling of freedom and easiness to the events on screen. Depending on the intensity of their shakiness, jerky handheld shots can also express excitement or fear.

In my case the jerky shots add a bit of chaos and disorder to the video which I really began to enjoy as the edit progressed.

Use music that unifies your shaky footage. Find a track that can make your clips dance in unity. Analyse the selected song and distribute your footage in such a way that the shakiness just fits the rhythm. I chose Need You by WHTKD.

Consider time remapping shaky footage. Depending on the rhythm of the music and the message you wish to convey, you may also consider slowing down or speeding up a shaky clip.

VD Vlad Dimov Cinematic Video Production
Vlad Dimov Cinematic Video Production

Flying Over Yorkshire with 4K Panasonic GH4

Creative highlights video of the day I went flying over Yorkshire to Breighton Airfield on a small two-seated aircraft piloted by my friend Mike.

Filmed all handheld in 4K resolution at 25fps using Panasonic Lumix GH4 with Samyang 12mm and Lumix 42.5mm lenses. It was tricky changing memory cards and lenses whilst airborne because I feared a sudden period of turbulence could make me drop things to an inaccessible place on the floor of the tiny cockpit. Not to mention I had to bear the long cable of the headset around my arms occasionally disrupting my filming, and at the same time I had to hold my camera bag on my lap because there were pedals moving at my feet that mustn’t be blocked. Luckily, it was a sunny day and the plane glided smoothly through the air.

In post production, it was great fun arranging the shots I took into a cohesive story but the challenging part came when I began colour correcting and colour grading the aerial footage. The Lumetri Scopes in Premiere CC failed to display colour balance accurately. I think this is due to sunlight being reflected into the camera from the cockpit glass. The original footage, shot on Cinelike D flat picture profile, appeared quite desaturated and hazy as well. Eventually, I managed to create the colourful look you can see on the film below:

Music: Hokori by Yusuke Tsutsumi –

Filmed and edited by Vlad Dimov –


Fitness Girl Street Exercise

This sports & fitness video promotes outdoor exercise. It’s another one of my self-initiated videos featuring a female sports lady that performs bodyweight exercises on a quiet street in the neighbourhood. To add dynamics and engage viewers on social media, I paced the editing cuts to the music and created the snappy motion graphics and text that basically means any street can serve as a gym and allow you to exercise and have fun for free (street = gym = exercise = free fun). After all, most body weight exercise you do in the gym can be done on any flat surface, especially outdoors at any time and at no cost.

Filmed and edited by Leeds and Yorkshire sports & fitness videographer Vlad Dimov –

Music: Passion Overdose by Grimm Limbo


Wise Words from A New Earth – Panasonic GH4

This self-initiated experimental video echoes the words of my favourite spiritual author. I hope it motivates you to learn how to deal with war and inner turmoil in a peaceful, more efficient manner.

“Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”

War is happening around the world and violence in videos on social media is becoming quite popular. In some cases it may be justified.

A contemporary spiritual teacher wisely says that making it your mission to eradicate evil is likely to turn you into the very thing you are fighting against.

“Unconscious, dysfunctional egoic behaviour, can never be defeated by attacking it. Even if you defeat your opponent, the unconsciousness will simply have moved into you, or the opponent reappears in a new disguise.”

Filmed at Leeds Bedquilts Recreational Grounds around sunset time using the Panasonic Lumix GH4 (in 4K but published in 1080p) with the Lumix 42.5mm F/1.7 prime lens. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and graded with Film Convert.

Watch on YouTube here. For more of my personal and professional work, please visit

Music: Seeing The Future by Dexter Britain (

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Leeds Bedquilts Park with Panasonic GH4

Bedquilts Recreational Fields in Leeds may seem like an ordinary park to you but it gives me a particular feeling every time I walk around it. There is something magical about the grass, trees and sunset…

A few days ago, I took some shots round the fields with a Panasonic Lumix GH4 M4/3 camera with Canon 24-105 mm f4.0 lens in 4K resolution but published the video in 1080p after grading it with Film Convert.

Videography and editing by Yorkshire videographer and film-maker Vlad Dimov –


Abstract Break Dancing in Leeds City Center

Simple audio react effect applied on footage of b-girl RawGina Roberts break dancing in Leeds City Centre at night. Would suit a music video or similar project.

The idea behind this video is open to interpretation and relates to the abstract visual representation of the unison between sound and matter occurring in a dancer’s mind during a performance. In contrast to my other similar film which you can view here – – in this video I’ve tried to create more of a balance between VFX and actual footage, hoping to draw you into that mental dimension where human form unites with music even more.

VFX created using Red Giant’s Trapcode Form plugin. Footage shot on Canon 5D Mark II and graded with Film Convert.

Videography and editing by Yorkshire dance videographer Vlad Dimov –

B-girl and performer: Rawgina Roberts

“Knock Knock” by Broke For Free (


Audio React Effect on Dance Footage

Simple audio react effect applied on break dance footage. Would suit a music video or similar project.

Created using Red Giant’s Trapcode Form plugin.

The idea behind this video is open to interpretation and relates to the abstract visual representation of the unison between sound and matter occurring in a break dancer’s mind during a practice session. I’ve made the strength of the audio react effect to increase with time, no matter the distortions of the actual footage, hoping to draw you into that mental dimension where human form unites with music.

Videography and editing by Yorkshire dance videographer Vlad Dimov –

B-girl and performer: Namara Williams

“Druids March” by Psychadelik Pedestrian